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RakBoard only offers candidates we believe in, through our vetting processes, in the objective that we become a partner for our client's recruitment needs. Reduce your cost, scale quickly and increase productivity with our secured platform. We can also find people according to your job specifications. Just fill out the form on the right.

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Why choose RakBoard ?

RakBoard is a platform where the goal is to showcase the Filipino's unique talents and work ethic. Our clients can find people working from home as their virtual employees. For the Filipino workers, they are assured that everything offered here are legitimate work from home and freelance jobs. RakBoard aims to make it easy to find work as long as the candidates have the competencies and talents to create awesome work.

At RakBoard our goal is to solve the problem of clients and offshore Filipino talents by working successfully through our technology. Creating a harmonious relationship between Filipinos working at their homes with their clients that are outside the Philippines.

One of the solutions is providing both the clients looking to hire, monitor and manage people through this platform. The solution of integrating everything from recruitment to invoicing in one application makes it easier and more efficient to get work done. For jobseekers, this is a hub for them to advertise their work experiences and talents to employers.

Registering with RakBoard is easy, as we developed a platform that allows both parties to create their accounts and provide access to their own Dashboards. From creating a job ad, selecting from a list of qualified people and to the management of projects and tasks.

Once registered to RakBoard, the technology provides multiple services like payroll management and monitoring tools to assist you and your people. All of these are free of charge during the hiring period for you to get started, find the right people and start your own journey. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we’ll get to you quickly.